Hansa Trade &Invest GmbH sources all class of humanitarian goods such grains from suppliers across major exporting regions to all major importing markets. This includes the animal feed and food products. As one of the world’s grain trader, it touches the lives of thousands of people and animal every day. To accomplish this task, it looks for the best, brightest, and most innovative suppliers with which to partner. Together, They can achieve goal to provide exceptional products and service to customers.
Hansa Trade &Invest is on an integrated global research at every stage of the supply chain, from the origination of the product, through to trading and distribution grain around the world. The main bulk products that have handled are as follows:

Animal Feed Corn

Corn is principally sourced from Europe. The corn is then shipped to customers worldwide, helping us efficiently address the growing demand and establish a substantial and sustainable presence.


Animal Feed Barley

We trade a wide range of optimal quality feed barley that originates from Central Asia and Europe and then distribute it to key consumption international markets